Workout Plan for Teenage Girl to Lose Weight at Home

Today I am trying to explain about workout plan for teenage girl to lose weight at home. Adolescents can lose belly fat. Physical exercise is one of the ingredients to control abdominal fat and body weight. Eating also depends a lot on body growth and fat gain. Eating nutritious food in a timely manner does not lead to weight gain nor does it increase belly fat. There is a need to increase physical exercise and physical exertion. It is important to have a specific routine to workout. Today I will talk about workout plan for teenage girl. If you want to workout then read my full article.

Let’s go for Knowing about Workout Plan for Teenage Girl

Physical activity

Physical activity is very important for reducing belly fat. At present physical exercise is practiced in almost all the schools of the world. Adolescents will engage in 60 minutes of physical activity every day. Such as sports, running, cycling and swimming – and resistance training. One pound of fat loss requires 3,500 calories of physical activity. The most effective way to reduce excess calories in the body is through physical activity. According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010, adolescent girls should consume 1,600 to 2,400 calories per day. The amount of calories depends on the level of physical activity or exertion.


Many people do not work out in the gym. If they want, they can run 30 minutes at a speed of 1 mile every 11 minutes. The result will be an average of 204 calories or 249 calories. And if you run at a speed of nine minutes. And running three times a week will burn approximately 612 to 747 calories. If you follow this rule, you will not need to go to the gym.

Use of machine for workout

According to the ACSM, adolescents, like adults, benefit from and benefit from resistance training. These benefits include an increase in muscle size and strength as well as a reduction in calories, which in turn reduces fat. If you are new to resistance training, you may want to start with the weight of the machine. Using the machine allows you to get acquainted with the correct technique and form while limiting your speed range. Work with each major muscle group machine – legs, chest and back two to three days a week. Effective examples include squat machines, reverse curls, leg extensions, lat pulldown and bench press machines. Once you are familiar with the technique and form of the exercise, go for free weights.

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Abdominal exercises

When doing abdominal exercises, aim for 10 to 20 repetitions for three to six sets. Working all over your abdomen involves your oblique muscles as well as your rectus abdominis. When performing your basic crunches, add a side twist to work your obliques. Also to work your lower abs, add a leg lift. Extend your legs up to the air using your buttocks to perform the movement.

The first thing you need to decide is how long you will work. Once you figure it out, you can create your own program. If you exercise five days a week, do cardio three days and do a full body circuit the other two days. Aim for one to three sets of six to 12 repetitions. For example, run outside or on a treadmill on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays – or mix your routine with the various cardio exercises mentioned above. Perform a full body circuit on Tuesdays and Thursdays; Include exercises for your legs, chest and back as well as your abdomen.

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