What to eat for breakfast and what not to eat.

Breakfast is a very important meal – it can either make or break your day. If you want to control body weight, lose fat and diet, you must have breakfast in the morning. However, not all types of breakfast can eat in the morning. This can increase body weight, increase belly fat. So you have to choose certain foods for breakfast. I will help you in this matter today. What to eat and what not to eat for breakfast.

What to eat for breakfast

There are many who eat whatever they want for breakfast without following any rules. As a result, various problems of our body are seen. This is why we now know what foods we need to eat for breakfast.


We can eat eggs for breakfast. Eggs contain vitamins and minerals. Eggs contain protein and relatively few calories. Considering this aspect, I am asking everyone to eat eggs for breakfast. However, if you have blood pressure, blood pressure, diabetes, then do not eat egg yolk. Eat only the white part.


Many people think that it is wrong to eat fruit for breakfast. This is a misconception. Eating fruit for breakfast is very good for health. Have breakfast with banana, apple, orange, grape, strawberry etc. You can also have breakfast with seasonal fruits.

Homemade bread

There are many who prefer a little heavy food in the morning. They eat rice in the morning. I would say eat homemade bread instead of rice. Then you will get the same amount of energy and there will be no harm to your health. Bread can be eaten with egg omelette or vegetable curry. However, it is not right to eat fried eggs.


Oats are now a very popular food. It is play a vital role in controlling body weight. People who are on a diet eat oats. Eating oats for breakfast is very beneficial. Oats contain fiber. However, it is better to eat oats with honey instead of sugar.


I don’t like to have the same breakfast every day. For this you can do Khichdi 2-1 days a week. However it must be vegetable Khichdi. Meat or this kind of Khichdi should not eat in the morning. Egg omelets can be eaten with Khichdi. Those who want to eat rice in the morning can eat Khichdi instead of rice.

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The foods I told you to eat in the morning, you can eat these foods in a cycle every week. There is plenty of food for breakfast. However, I think these foods are much healthier, so I chose these. You can also have breakfast of your choice. However, health must be concerned.

Go for breakfast that will leave the food

Many people eat all kinds of food for breakfast without understanding. This cannot be done. You have to think about health before eating anything. I will say about some important foods, do not eat these foods for breakfast in the morning.


Do not eat any kind of juice for breakfast in the morning. Eat juice in the afternoon and at night or any other time. Instead, fresh fruit can be eaten in the morning.

Tea or coffee

Almost all of us want morning tea or coffee. Such food can eat. But in very small quantities. If too much tea or coffee is consumed then the taste of food is ruined. Again, many times sleep is disturbed. So tea or coffee can eat in moderation.


Many people eat burgers and sandwiches for breakfast. However, it is not right to eat. Try to have breakfast with home-made food in the morning.

Fried eggs

Eggs can be eaten in the morning. But boiled eggs or omelets. You can’t have breakfast by frying eggs properly.

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