How to Lose Weight as a Teenage Girl Fast [part-2]

Today I am explaining how to lose weight as a teenage girl fast. Research shows that teenagers are the most vulnerable age. When you tend to gain weight because during that particular time. You are at the peak of your studies and you tend to focus more on your studies and tend to sit more and as a result, you gain weight. That’s what happened to me. Lets to know how to lose weight for a teenage girl.

For Lose Weight, we can do these 7 kinds of work. This type is very popular for losing weight teenage girls.

  • Eating more fruits and vegetables.
  • Need Eating more whole grains.
  • Need Eating more low-fat dairy and lean meats.
  • Eating less fat for lose weight.
  • Drinking less soda for lose weight.
  • Exercising regularly.
  • Getting on the scale weekly

If you are an old member of our family, you know that I have gained about 18 cages when I was a teenager. The reason was I was studying and focusing on my engineering entrance exam, and at that particular time, I was just sitting and was not involved in any kind of physical activity. And also my body is prone to gain weight very easily.

I gained about 18 kids that actually didn’t matter to me at that particular time. But when I entered college, it hit me really hard because everyone was talking about my weight and the way I look. I felt so disheartened that I don’t look a certain way that they want me to look and I don’t fit in. So that particular moment I decided, No, I have to look a certain way. And that comes with mistake number one because I was just thinking about the way I look and not really concerned about my healthy body and healthy mind.

I wanted to lose weight in order to be a perfect shape in order to reduce the size of my face in order to reduce the size of my waist. And that’s what we think, and I think all of you out there who are teenagers will relate to this.

Lose Weight as a Teenage Girl Fast

We are just concerned about the way we look and not concerned about if we are really healthy and we want to lose weight in order to be fit and healthy. So the first mistake that I did was not understanding the reason why I want to lose weight. I just wanted to do it because I want to shift from size l or they excel to size S. Second, a very important mistake that I did was starving. I just skipped my dinners. I made sure that I’m not eating enough and I am craving food so that my body fat deposit starts breaking down. And that was the typical mentality that I had in my mind at that particular time and what you can expect from a teenager because I only understand that if you starve, you will lose weight.

That is the second biggest mistake that I did, how it was exercising vigorously without understanding how your body responds to exercise and what is the importance of rest. I started working out for seven days, and then the result was that I broke down one day. My knee was having a problem that your body is just like a machine. If you overuse it, it will break down without providing the appropriate fuel to it. It’s just like a car. When you try to move it for a longer distance, you need fuel for it. You cannot do it just by moving without the fuel.

You cannot reach from depot to Delhi without fuel. It’s very common, and it’s very simple to understand. So when I look upon my teenage self, these were some mistakes that I did that I don’t want you to follow. And that’s why I’m making this video today. I really want all of you to get the best results, but in order to understand what is the actual result means when it comes to your weight loss journey, I want you to reflect upon what are your goals, how you are going to go about it, and what is your plan of action? So this video is all about my tips for my teenage self.

When I was lost and lost about myself, about my body, about the confidence that was not there, just because of the way I look. So for all the teenagers out there. Tip number one has to be involved in some physical activity now, even if you are studying for about 12 to 14 hours if you’re given that many hours of sitting. I would highly recommend talking about one hour or one and a half hours for a physical activity that will not only help you in getting the best results when it comes to your fitness but also mentally.

Also, you will be very much relaxed, fresh and it’ll give you the best results in your studies when it comes to your examinations or anything. It will not only help you in your physical fitness but also mentally. You will feel really relaxed, fresh and you can learn more.

You can concentrate more. So definitely one or one and a half-hour of physical activity. Now, if he can be anything, you can do one hour of the yoga sessions, you can go for some dance classes dance, workout, badminton, swimming, sports, anything that you love. But just make sure that you give about one to one and a half hours for your physical fitness. And as a result, your mental fitness step number two is to say no to Maggie. I know it’s very difficult. I understand that because I have been that teenager as well who loved Maggie.

But now, for eight years, I haven’t touched that refined flour Maggie since ages, and I don’t miss it that often because I have replacements I use to Maggie. I use Oats, Maggie. It is not addictive, and that’s why I love it. I have it once a week, and even if it goes about twice a week, it’s completely fine. But having that refined. Every day at night is not healthy. The important point is to say no to your phones before going to bed.

Because I understand when you are in this phase of loving your phones and spending more time on them and on games, on Instagram, on YouTube, and everything. This actually disturbs your body. This is one important habit that you need to learn that habits make your weight loss journey easier. So if you have developed these certain habits, it will really help you for lifelong and what habits you develop at this particular age, it will be there for you, for life.

So, yes, say no to your phone before going to bed. That will really, really change you as a person, and I will. I can assure you that it will give you great results in your studies as well. So, yes, tip number three has to say no to your phone before going to bed. If number four has to be, start loving the home-based food. Now, if you are a teenager and if you are preparing for some exam and you are going to leave your home very soon, you will understand the importance of home-based food. Very soon, you will know what it means to have mom ka dal and then to party and then Karnataka will be something that you will love.

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And I know that you will get that feeling after you get out of your house and start living in hostels. But for now, I would just recommend starting loving and focusing on this home-based food more because, at the end of the day, this is what is actually helping you survive. This is what is actually making you roti rice dal party will never make you fat. It will is something that you have been grown up eating. This will make sure that your metabolism and digestion are in place. So yes, don’t choose Pizza Burger Pasta over your home-based food. You can definitely have them as your cheat meals.

But yes, I love this home-based food and that will make your diet healthy in itself. Last but not least, your sleeping pattern plays a very important and vital role in your fitness and health journey, not only for your physical fitness or the way you look, but also it’s one of the most important habits when it comes to your mental fitness, your concentration, your memory. Everything depends on the recovery of your body, and that recovery happens during the time when you sleep.

So sleep plays a very important role, so make sure that you sleep adequately. Do not skip it because of your studies or anything. Make sure eight to nine hours of sleep is a must for your body in order to recover. So, yes, these were some important tips and mistakes that I think I should give to my teenage self and the mistake that I don’t want my followers who are in their teenage right now to repeat and get the best maximum possible benefit out of my video. So, yes, I hope you like it. You share it with your friends and family.

I think now you are knowing about How to lose weight as a teenage girl. So do work step by step and lose weight at home with your own program.

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