Exercise at Home to Lose Weight for Beginners

Exercise at home to lose weight is the best way to get better fitness. Healing requires a healthy mind and a healthy body. Exercise is one of the keys to a healthy body and mind. Men can go out and exercise, but not all girls. Especially the girls of some Asian countries including India and Bangladesh cannot do that. Today I will tell you in detail about exercising at home for girls. And I’m hopeful that you will be able to do your daily physical exercises at home from now on.

Currently, many people are working from home due to Covid-19. Human body weight is increasing due to various reasons. Many are getting lazy from sitting at home. In this case, you can do some physical exercises from home. There are many important physical exercises to keep the body and mind healthy. You can do these exercises at home without being lazy.

Exercise at Home to Lose Weight

I will tell you about some very simple exercises that you can do at home. And these exercises are very beneficial for the body. If you do it regularly, you will be able to stay physically fit as well as mentally strong. Below I discuss these exercises. so learn below about exercise at home to lose weight.

Freehand exercise

You can do the freehand exercise from home. You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo. This exercise can be done very easily on the veranda or roof of the house.
You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Then you go to your designated place and do this exercise. You will do this exercise through push up and down.

Jogging is a very important exercise to keep the heart-healthy. You can do this by standing in a designated place and doing jogging. If you do it on the roof of the house, then you can make the roof a field and go jogging. However, keep in mind that shoes should be worn while jogging so that there is no stress on the feet.

Exercises to reduce belly and waist fat


First, you lie down in a flat place or on the floor. Now fold your legs. Keep the hands straight along with the knees, facing forward. Now sit up straight in front of you as you exhale. Of course, your legs will be in a bent position. Then go back to the previous state. However, keep in mind that you cannot stay in the sitting position for long. Get up and go to bed like this. After doing this for a total of 10-12 times, lie down and rest for one minute. After resting, start again in exactly the same manner. Do it again 10-12 times. Thus there will be one set of 12 times. And every day in the new state you have to make two sets and over time you have to gradually increase the set.

Leg Race:

First, you straighten up and lie on the floor. Lift your legs straight up to 90 degrees and keep your arms straight. Now lower your legs in two pairs to take a deep breath. Now, just before the two feet hit the floor, lift them up again in the same way. You lower your legs again as before. This way you will continue to do it 10-12 times. But remember that it will stick to the floor from your head to your waist. And in one day you will do a total of 2 sets.
This exercise helps a lot in reducing belly fat. Doing this leg race exercise according to the rules has many benefits to reduce body weight and reduce belly fat. However, you need to keep in mind that you can’t do abdominal exercises every day, you have to do it one day at a time.

Squat kickback to reduce buttock and thigh fat

Stand with a little more space between your legs. This time hold something heavy in both your hands and hold it over your shoulder during the entire exercise. You sit in a chair and place your weight on your knees and ankles. Then, with the weight on one of your legs, spread your other leg straight and to the left as far as possible. And return to the previous position. Do the same with the other leg.

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Jump rope

Rope jumping is the most effective exercise to reduce excess calories and fat from your body. There is no pair of this exercise to strengthen the bones and muscles of the whole body including legs, arms, shoulders.
With this rope jumping workout you can burn over ten calories per minute in the beginning. And when you can gradually become efficient, you can easily burn over 200 calories in ten minutes.

You can do these exercises at home. And you can keep yourself more beautiful and healthy. Follow these rules and do these exercises at home.

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