3 Best Exercise for Healthy Body

Exercise has no magic, It’s what you put into it that determines how much you get out. However, you do not have to exercise for hours each day. All you have to do is work smart.

Experts do agree, however, that not every exercise is the same. Whether they target multiple muscle groups, are appropriate for people of varying fitness levels, or allow you to burn calories more effectively, some are more effective than others.

How do you choose the best exercises for a healthy body? The following list is compiled from the favorites of four fitness experts.


It is important to include cardiovascular exercise in any fitness program, as it strengthens the heart and burns calories. Walking, on the other hand, is something you can do anywhere, anytime, without any equipment apart from good shoes. It is one of the best exercises for a healthy body to get fitness.

walking exercise
walking exercise

You can walk even if you’re very fit: Even the fittest can benefit from it.

A brisk walk can burn up to 500 calories an hour, says Dr. Robert Gotlin of Beth Israel Medical Center in New York. Walking for seven hours will allow you to lose one pound since 3,500 calories are required to lose one pound. He recommended it as the best exercise for a healthy body.

However, do not start walking an hour a day from the couch. The American Council on Exercise’s Richard Cotton recommends beginners walk for five to ten minutes at a time, gradually increasing the time during each session to at least 30 minutes.

Adding more than five minutes at a time is not wise. Boosting your speed or incline should come after you’ve extended your walks.

Interval Training

You can add interval training to your workout, regardless of whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned exerciser, a walker, or an aerobic dancer.

Interval Training
Interval Training

You burn more calories by varying your pace throughout your exercise session, Cotton says. According to this statement, the more strength you have in the aerobic system, the more weight you can lift.”.

It is best to push yourself for one or two minutes, then ease off for anywhere from two to 10 minutes. This is based on how long your total workout will be, and how long you need to recover. Maintain this through the entire workout.


It’s also best to exercise for a healthy body. Experts emphasize the importance of strength training. It has been proven that the greater your muscular fitness, the more calories you can burn.

In addition, strength-training exercises that target multiple muscle groups are generally preferred by experts. Exercises like squats, which work for all three major muscle groups equally well, are excellent examples.

In Oldsmar, Fla., trainer David Petersen believes they are the best because they utilize many muscle groups simultaneously.

However, Petersen emphasizes the importance of form.

An exercise must be performed correctly in order to be functional, he explains. Performing it incorrectly makes it useless.

Your back should be straight and your feet should be separated by shoulder-width space. In addition, Cotton suggests kneeling and taking a step back: “The knee should be near the ankle as possible.”

Gotlin suggests imagining what it would be like to sit in a chair without a chair.

In Cicero, N.Y., physical therapist Adam Rufa says practicing with a real chair can be helpful.

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